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Inbred Seed Corn Production 101

Last summer I worked at one of our commercial, hybrid seed-corn production sites in Illinois. During that time, I learned all about how the hybrid corn seeds farmers plant are produced. Since then, I accepted a new role in Iowa… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Ashton, Hello Williamsburg

Exactly two years ago, on Martin Luther King Day, I started my new job with Monsanto in Ashton, Illinois. In about an hour, Ashton will be in my rear-view mirror as I make the drive to Williamsburg, Iowa to start… Continue Reading →

Country Christmas Connection

My journey in blogging started almost exactly one year ago. In the past year this journey has introduced me to an amazing online community of bloggers and agriculturists who have helped me grow in many ways. So it was with… Continue Reading →

Lessons learned at AgChat

At AgChat’s 2016 Cultivate & Connect Conference I expected to learn how to become a better advocate for agriculture. As usual, my expectations were blown out of the water. I learned many valuable things about engineering networks, telling my story,… Continue Reading →

Hybrid Seed Corn Production 101

Corn production in the US In 2016, the USDA estimates 94.1 million acres of corn was planted in the United States. With an average planting population of about 34,000 kernels per acre, that means farmers planted almost 3.2 trillion corn seeds… Continue Reading →

Soybean Seed Production 101

My first role at Monsanto was as a Production Associate at a soybean seed production facility. This was an entry-level management position with responsibilities that included overseeing our in-house quality lab, performing quality tests, managing data, field inspecting, and product stewardship. That’s… Continue Reading →

Meeting the Midwest and a deadly tornado

Mother Nature can change everything in the blink of an eye. Just ask any farmer or family who’s had their life turned upside-down by a natural disaster. She has the power to contribute to a bountiful harvest or to completely… Continue Reading →

MY TAKE: Labeling GMOs & our right to know

Let’s Talk Labeling One of the hottest topics in the food industry right now is whether or not foods containing ingredients derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) should require a mandatory label. In general, those pushing for mandatory GMO labeling… Continue Reading →

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