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A Texan’s Guide to the Midwest

Despite our best efforts, sometimes the Universe has other plans for us and a Texan might find themselves having to relocate out of our great state. As devastating as that might seem, since moving to the Midwest I’ve learned that it’s definitely possible to… Continue Reading →

Meeting the Midwest and a deadly tornado

Mother Nature can change everything in the blink of an eye. Just ask any farmer or family who’s had their life turned upside-down by a natural disaster. She has the power to contribute to a bountiful harvest or to completely… Continue Reading →

MY TAKE: Labeling GMOs & our right to know

Let’s Talk Labeling One of the hottest topics in the food industry right now is whether or not foods containing ingredients derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) should require a mandatory label. In general, those pushing for mandatory GMO labeling… Continue Reading →

What it’s like telling people I work for Monsanto

So, where do you work? This is one of the most common questions we all get asked when catching up with old friends or partaking in small talk with strangers. Some people might think being asked this question would bring… Continue Reading →

Monsanto Gives Back

When I was a student at Texas A&M, The Big Event was one of my favorite traditions to participate in. It’s recognized as the largest student-run, one-day community service project in the nation! On one day each spring, the Aggies go… Continue Reading →

How they got a Texan to leave Texas

Morals My friends affectionately refer to me as “Morals.” I’m often consulted if they find themselves faced with a decision requiring a steadfast moral compass. Therefore, it came as a surprise to some people when I accepted a job offer from Monsanto… Continue Reading →


Today marks the inception of this blog and the one year anniversary of this born-and-raised Texan moving to the Midwest! I came to the Midwest after graduating from Texas A&M University when I accepted a job offer with Monsanto. With no previous… Continue Reading →

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